Yufendy & Partners is a highly respected Indonesian law firm with a strong practice in Jakarta and Batam (including Bintan).

The firm was founded by Yufendy who was legally trained in Indonesia, Singapore and UK, and licensed to practise Indonesian laws as well as admitted to the Supreme Court of Singapore. With this unique background and qualification, Yufendy & Partners is skilled in the reconciliation of English (Singaporean) and Indonesian legal concepts. We are able to accurately explain the Indonesian legal concepts to foreign investors from countries adopting Common Law and European legal systems.

With the convenient of our office locations and experienced partners, we are able to provide comprehensive legal advice and services in helping foreign investors doing business across Indonesia efficiently and effectively. Instead of having to travel to Indonesia, our Singapore-based clients can get their legal needs done at Batam office or at our clients' offices in Singapore.

Our clients are mostly foreign investors (companies and individuals) in Indonesian and from diverse industries, including mining & mineral (coal, nickel, manganese, chromium & iron ore - mine), general trading, oil and gas, engineering, technology, shipping, palm-oil, education, hotel, property and entertainment.

We specialize in setting up foreign investment company, acquisition of mining licence / right / concession, and legal due diligence related to land and its rights. Our specialization includes acquisition and legal due diligence in agriculture and hotel / property industries.

Setting up foreign investment company

In 2010 alone, we have set up 26 foreign investment companies for our foreign-investor clients, covering various lines of business from trading of various goods, consultancy, information technology, mining, agriculture, oil & gas, construction, telecommunication and property (hotel). Our clients engage us because we have the experience and expertise, and provide comprehensive services related to the setting up and the running of the company. We help the companies to obtain all required business licences, apply for foreign employee work permits, and provide accounting and tax filing services. What makes us the better choice compared to other similar service providers is that we are qualified to advise on the applicable Indonesian laws affecting all aspects of our clients’ businesses and presences in Indonesia.

Mining & Energy

We have advised many Chinese investors in acquiring business licences for mining exploration and/or production on mineral and ore through Indonesian companies. Our services are setting up foreign investment company, liaising with the head of regency, assisting in negotiation with the Indonesian mining business licence holders, drafting sale of share agreement, joint venture agreement, construction of infrastructure agreement, off-take agreement and other related contractual agreement, conducting due diligence and providing ongoing legal advice.

Agriculture & Property

Our agriculture and property practice group is experience in advising foreign investors in acquiring lands in various cities in Indonesia. There are two main issues that foreign investors must be aware of. First, land in Indonesia can only be owned on a freehold basis by Indonesian individuals only. Second, the ownership of most lands in Indonesian is not registered with the government; therefore it is not clear-cut to determine the rightful owner of particular lands, especially if the land is located in remote areas. The services that we can provide are setting up foreign investment company, obtaining all required licences (location licence & business licence), liaising with the head of regency, conducting due diligence on the land, preparing the legal documentation for purchasing the land, registering the ownership of the land with the government, obtaining leasehold title, drafting sale of shares agreement, joint venture agreement and other related agreement, and proving ongoing legal advice.

Our lawyers speak English, Chinese (Mandarin) and Indonesian languages.

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